Studio Hoists

The Double start, dual Helical Grooved Drums with four wire support
The main mechanical design feature that seperates the Q Hoist from almost all other designs is the safety feature of the two double start Helical grooved drums using four independent supporting wires. The four wires each have their own groove along the drums and so suffer no crushing as in pile winding systems. The double start ensures no out of balance forces acting on the drums. This ensures long term reliability and safety.

The motor and gearbox.
The motor used is a Flender, German manufacture. The worm gear ratio ensures that even without the automatic break, the weight is fully supported. The combination of gear box and break ensures precision stopping without shaking the lamps.

The Fibreglass Cover
The moulded fibreglass cover provides protection of electrical and mechanical parts and allows easy access for servicing.

The Flat Cable Collector without moving parts
The flat cable is collected in a specially designed trough and requires no moving parts, that in time, can be the cause of problems.

Analog or Analog/Digital control
The control system may be analog only, or analog/digital where recording of heights and control from a systems PC is desirable. Both the analog and analog/digital control panel provides control for individual or group Hoist selection . The analog/digital Hoist provides photocell positioning detection that allows the recording of all levels for control from a systems PC.


Studio Hoists:

Q. Hoist
Q. Hoist.Ted