The Amra digital lighting control panels provide an ideal means of controlling the artificial lighting environment.

The lighting ambience can be adjusted to whatever the speciallised usage and then, with mood lighting already preset, brought into play either manually, by the push of a button, or automatically, on a 24 hour basis, at times programmed into the system.

Panels are designed to meet various operator requirements, some where preset mood lighting is secured and others where it advantages for the occupants to vary the program or the levels of individual channels (lighting circuits) quickly and easily.

All Amra panels can be mounted remotely, in the most convenient location, and can allow the system to be set up and programmed from within full view of the lighting being controlled.

The Amra digital controllers and Dimmax dimmers units have been designed to allow complete systems to be easily set up and programmed by the user, without the need for any external device or programming computer.

They are connected together as a Zone, via Q Net, which is an RS485 data bus, that connects the devices together in a “daisy chain”, using a standard CAT5 FTP screened data cable. A single Zone can be as simple as a single control panel connected to a single dimmer rack or up to a combination of 32 control panels and dimmer racks all interconnected.

Any Dimmax dimmer circuit within a Zone can be given a control address comprising of one of up to 12 Sector numbers (separate control areas or rooms) and one of up to 55 Control Channel numbers, within each Sector. Several dimmers can be given the same address if needed to be controlled together.

The Amra control panels can then be addressed with any of the 12 Sector numbers, thus designating which dimmers they will control. Once addressed, the dimmers can be programmed, using any of the programming panels, into a series of lighting moods, comprising of each of the different control channels set at any lighting level.

A fade time can also be programmed into the mood, to provide a smooth transition to that mood when it is selected. The Amra panels, with facilities for individual channel control, can also be used to provide direct individual control of each dimmer channel, as designated within that Sector.

For master control of several Sectors (or areas) simultaneously, the Amra panels can be given a Sector master address (as shown in the diagram that you can find here). The “Room Linking” Amra panels have a function that allows them to control several Sectors simultaneously (e.g. when a movable partition is opened), with each panel being linked to also control the next Sector up, when the linking function is instigated.

For large systems, up to 31 Zones can be combined, using the AMZG Zone Gate, thus allowing control of up to 20,000 separate control channels from a single push button.

The AMRA5000 computer software program is available, for applications where programming via a computer is preferred.



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