AMRA CONTROL The Amra digital lighting control panels provide an ideal means of controlling the artificial lighting environment. The lighting ambience can be adjusted to whatever the speciallised usage and then, with mood lighting already preset, brought into play either manually, by the push of a button, or automatically, on a 24 hour basis, at times programmed into the system.More info about AMRA

DIMMAX DIMMERS The Dimmax dimmers communicate, via a Q-Net data bus, with the Amra remote panels, via an analogue signal or via optional DMX512, for stage or studio lighting applications, and regulate the power to the light fittings.More info about DIMMAX

HOISTS The Q Hoist 250 is a well proven Studio lighting Hoist. It is available as a Self-Climbing unit or arranged on a Fixed grid system. Control options vary from basic analog switch pushbutton Studio panels to level sensing and systems PC control with memorised hoist positions. Dimmers offered with the Q Hoist are the Dimmax Macra STUDIO dimmers,mounted remote to the Hoist, or the Dimmax TED, on- board silent, IGBT dimmers which make the hoist totally self contained.